Day 83: Time Travel

Today has been a busy and productive day. Since I became a minimalist, I have more room now and along with the change of season, I decided to bring up all my stuff from the storage and went through box by box, sorted and reduced some more this weekend.

I am clearly using only 20% of my belongings for 80% of my time. The rest is in my possession mostly for the memories.

Every time I review my stuff and organize them, I always find something I no longer need. It used to be my annual activity called Spring Clean Up, but I made it twice a year and now it’s a quarterly activity. It is interesting to see how something was impossible to get rid of only couple of months ago, but later it causes no sweat to throw out.

I realize it is important to revisit our stuff as often as possible if we really want to reduce, because it takes time for the idea of disposal of certain items to sink in and be processed internally until we can finally decide to let go of it.

Having less stuff is liberating and empowering. It allows to have more capability to take risk in life in the long run because of less attachment and a sense of freedom. It also offers peace of mind. I like knowing that I have more room for something better and something more important or matters more either it’s tangible or intangible as both impacts the same.

I do value my time to look back and be appreciative. Good memories are one of the reasons we work hard and try to succeed so that we can preserve them and make more of them. Opening up a box, taking a look at each item, time traveling back in time, and reminiscing memories is heart warming and such a nice experience. It always surprises me to be reminded of the power of brain when I go through my stuff, because it is like opening drawers each full of documents. When the drawer is closed, we never think about them. But when we pull out the drawer, it’s all there. Our brain surprisingly remembers so much.


I am thankful for my memories and also for the chances to create more.



Staying home because it’s cold? Going outside BECAUSE it’s cold!

It’s my mom. The picture was taken several years ago.

She is such an inspiration. She is active, tender, kind, giving, honest, generous, pure, understanding, curious, funny, lively, patient, hopeful, positive, loyal, happy, brave, caring, loving, tidy, fair, intuitive, sensitive, hard-working, gracious, vibrant, girly, gentle yet feisty, fearless, strong and wise.

If there was just one more person like her in this world, the world would have been a better place to live due to the impact.

Thank you for giving and always giving. Your greatness alone is enough to keep me motivated and do good to others like you always do.



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