Day 82: A Life Prediction by a Photo Scrapbook

Watch what you collect. Your collection becomes your reality in the future.


I have finally started sorting 7,000 pictures on my phone and had a grand time looking back on fun moments in the past. I have been (still!) using my iPhone 5 since it just came out, so there are 4 years worth of good times saved on my phone in bits and pieces.

As I was going through the picture, I have noticed something astonishingly interesting and surprising:
I have ended up going to or staying at the places I had a picture of, I have ended up having or using the things that I took a picture of, I have ended up seeing, hearing or experiencing things that I had a picture of and so much more! It’s so uncanny!

Back then I had absolutely zero knowledge of the law of attraction or anything like that. I just knew that I have always been extraordinarily lucky compared to majority of people and have heard by many people that I am exceptionally positive and motivated, but I had no idea that I have been paving my own future by living that way. Now I have come to learn more about things like this and had a better understanding about it so I realized that I have been benefiting from the law of attraction all along unknowingly.

Couple of months ago I realized that I am a living proof of the law of attraction, but this discovery about how my life has been and my collection of the “random” pictures just proves it.

I am totally going to more seriously start using all these methods introduced by Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, David Schwartz, Earl Nightingale and such.

Everything is lining up perfectly.

I am just pleasantly surprised, deeply grateful and indescribably excited.



Life is a gift, a journey, a book, a piece of art, a song, a product, and anything we want it to be.

It’s beautiful, generous, amazing, fulfilling, humbling, interesting, exciting, rewarding, empowering, comforting, strengthening, precious, mysterious, breathtaking, rich, meaningful, worthwhile, colourful… and everything we feel as we live it.





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