Day 81: Staying Stimulated

Grateful for the freedom to choose how my morning, day, life is going to be;

Grateful for my surroundings such as the nature, the city, the people, the work, the culture, the infrastructure, the society, the energy, the country, the climate, and the world;

Grateful for my ability to use my own mind, to have thoughts, wills, feelings, and strength and make decisions, differences and my own environment mentally and physically;

Grateful for all the ideas, technologies, skill, tools and innovations I can learn and utilize;

Grateful for having given another chance, time, space, health, capability to do all these freely and enjoy too.


Thankful for another great day full of interactions, thoughts, ideas, energy, feelings and events that made me better than yesterday.



I love Fall ❤


The seminar I’ve attended this evening was pretty good. Besides the information I got from it, just the energy itself has been wonderful to have around. Room for growth is limitless and I am forever grateful for that.



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