Day 79: A Stick as a Tool or a Weapon

I have heard from several people that it is difficult to make friends in Vancouver. I thought so in my first couple of months, but it’s been 13 months being here now and I can confidently say that it is in fact the opposite.

Because of the city’s reputation, people are more willing to make friends and it causes people to bond easier over it. I also found that due to the city’s character that is lively, active, rich, and resourceful, there are so many people who are sophisticated in terms of self-knowledge and various interests with depth. It results in better chances to connect if you are also well aware of what you like and what you know. What is so great about that is that a friendship that was built on a common interest with a common intention creates the strongest connection that lasts.

The past year here has been such jam packed with greatness. It is unbelievable how it’s been only a year when so much has happened and so much has been learned.

Mindset is everything. No matter where you are, your willingness to make the best of what you have projects your future. We can always leverage things that don’t work if we need to. There is always a way. We can only see it when we are opened to see it.

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.


Happy to have learned so much and grown so much. I can’t wait to find more about what this awesome city has in store for me.



Every step I take is leading me to the goals I want to achieve.

#grateful #happy #lifeisgood #love #journey


A stick could be a tool or a weapon depending on how it’s being used.

A dollar could be an investment or an expense.

A knife could save a life or take a life.

We write our own book. Let’s write a masterpiece.



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