Day 78: New Every Layer Like an Onion

When you are in 20’s, you are going to feel like you are going 20km/h.

In your 30’s, it will feel like going 30km/h.

In your 40’s, it will feel like going 40km/h.

In your 80’s, it will be like you are going 80km/h.

It’s too fast to enjoy the scenery.

Look around, and appreciate what’s around you when you can. When you are going slow enough to see things and feel.


Time is going by so fast that two Christmas’ are back to back? You are in trouble!



I had dinner with an old friend. She moved to BC long before I did and when she did, the idea of moving to BC was sounded too wild/out of my comfort zone/foreign to me. When we reconnected here, it was awakening to realize how much I have changed within such a short time.

I mean I am a different person compared to myself last year. When we first met, it was 2012! I must have been renewed couple of times over by now.

I think she has changed mildly too. She’s a mom now, first of all. That alone is enough to transform a person. It was plain to see that she has been doing well. It made me happy.

Revisiting an old place, an old friend, and an old memory magnifies how much time has gone by, and how much things and myself have changed so vividly that the impact afterward often submerges me in the deepest thoughts for a while.

Like walking into my room after a long trip overseas, the familiar room feels unfamiliar and the stale air in the room lets me know how stale my mind would have been if I didn’t go anywhere and stayed in the room with my things.

We are meant to change. We are living things and we either thrive or perish. No in between.


Thankful for every big and little human relationships that make our life so rich and meaningful. Allowing all the changes into our lives creates the feeling of liveliness and colourfully growing.



It didn’t take off the way I imagined, but it has been such a great practice and experience.

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