Day 77: It Has Just Begun

The problem is not about lack of motivation. It’s about lack of execution.


My MM members and I today explored the idea about how to overcome mental challenges along with other subjects. This particular topic stood out for me because it has been number one thing to tackle for myself too. “No time due to a full-time job” or “no energy due to whatever” is only an excuse that we tell ourselves. We will make it happen if it is important enough to us. We will find a way no matter how busy and hectic our life gets.

I got college education that I wanted by pursuing it in the evenings while working 9-5 and training 5-6am everyday. It was rather exhilarating and fun than challenging and tiring. It has been such an empowering experience. My confidence and energy were through the roof during that time. I want to feel that way again. I want to do that again. I NEED to do that again and this time for my freedom.

I need to hustle now and put in extra work, so that I can live the life the way I want it wherever I want it, going forward. It is comfortable to collect pay cheques and doing what I have been doing past ten years, but this is not certainly the way I want to continue to live for the rest of my life, especially with the limited time with my aging parents so far away.

Slavery provides a sense of security and comfort, but I will choose risky freedom. I believe that life happens to whoever seeks and welcomes it. We have been already given the ultimate power to use our own mind to make things happen for us and get whatever we need. We have no reason to fear or doubt. They are only made up by our own minds – idle minds. They are not real. They are imaginations and we let it scare us. We need to see the truth, believe in it and LIVE it.


Grateful for all the resources and abilities given to us. It is our responsibility to succeed. When we are well equipped with everything we need like this, we have no excuse.

All we need is knowing where to go and get going.




Make sure what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.





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