Day 75: Fearless For a Reason

So grateful for my brother.

I can share any ideas and thoughts with him. He always has the best solutions and remedies for me.

Talked to him for three hours today, but I feel like I still have more to say.

Whether I need an answer or I need to offload, he is my go-to person.

No matter what happens to me, I know I am safe and taken care of, because of him.

Since always, I had no worries because I had my brother. At school, playgrounds, anywhere in the neighbourhood, now even in a different country I am fearless thanks to him.

I’m always covered.

Thank you.


Grateful for the infinite support and care I receive. Unconditional love from my family empowers and comforts me. Due to this exceptional love I receive, I was able to live this far for many years on the opposite side of the globe.

Having someone on my side no matter what and feeling of being accepted and loved whenever and wherever provides me with a solid foundation of any possibility.

I am truly blessed.



On my birthday, my family and I set this picture as a profile picture.

Because that’s me, a baby tiger. 🙂

Now I’m not so baby anymore, but for them I will always a baby whether I’m 8 or 80.

My mom still gets me something for the Children’s day. I’m not complaining. 🙂


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