Day 74: Being in Charge

Grateful for the freedom I have. I am free to pick and choose how I live my life and what I can make of it.

Grateful for the joy I have. I love making progress everyday with my body, love what I do and what I learn everyday, love my surroundings, love the weather and the nature.

Grateful for my family, my goals, my thoughts, every breath I take, my ability to make my life the way I want it.

Thoughts are seeds. Life grows the way we imagine it to be.

Thoughts are orders. Every detail we think of eventually become an end product.

Thankful for being able to give myself the rest I needed. I am more than ready to hustle again.

I am excited about the new experiment I am conducting to my body with a new diet. Learning about my own body is truly empowering.



Living the “dream” is possible when the dream is clearly defined, has become tangible from just being an idea, has the deadline to meet with and is broken down into bite sized chunks as known as steps.

Dreams become reality when they are defined as goals.



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