Day 73: Bumble Bee Humble Me

Today has been humbling.

Confidence is necessary and important, but the key to utilize it as a benefit is to balance it well with gratitude. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. When the balance is broken, it will sting like a bee!


One thing I need to work on myself: I am often too compassionate so that I end up letting the other person’s character overrule me, even when the person is conveying traits that I don’t want to resemble. I must stop letting people to influence me more than they should. I will better compose myself and maintain who I am regardless how convincing and intriguing the conversation is going or how well liked the person is to me.

Always act, talk, think like the person you want to become.

Always be who you are, not someone who would fit into the situation.


Thankful for the lessons that make me better. What we need to afraid of is not to make mistakes, but to make mistakes and not learn from them.

Always try all the best to coexist in harmony with everyone.



Asking to replace the trash bag only on Fridays has been very successful and today I have updated my request to empty my bin twice a month: the 15th and 30th.

21 workdays in September would have used 21 bags. Due to my note, my bin has used only 4 bags this month so far. The 30th happens to be Friday, so the transition from phase 1 to 2 is going to be smoothly and perfectly seamless!!!

20 workdays in October. It would have been 20 bags to be used, but now it is only going to be just 2 bags.

16 bags saved in September.
18 bags to be saved in October.

Total 34 large disposable plastic bags SAVED in two month by one person.

Saving 18 bags a month times 10 more month = 180 bags
So 180+34=214 bags saved by me in a year.
If just 10 people do the same, the number of bags saved will be 2,140!!!

This should be totally a thing in offices everywhere.


Plastic was invented in 1907. Every single plastic we have used in our lifetime STILL EXISTS in the earth. Where are they? Mostly in the ocean.

The ratio of fish to plastic in the ocean is now 4:1, but at the current rate of increasing number of plastic under water, by 2050 the ratio of fish to plastic will be 1:1 or even less. MORE PLASTIC THAN FISH in the ocean. This is sickening.


Frequently I feel like this is my calling: Doing something about the nature conservation and environmental movement. Just need to figure out how I can support myself doing those things.





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