Day 72: All Different But All Beautiful

One of my goals is to learn multiple languages. I love to know about every culture and since language is the essence of a culture (besides food!), I am aiming to obtain ability to communicate in several languages well enough to carry basic conversations and get by alone in the respective countries.

Language is a means of self-expression. The choice of words, volume and how it’s being said indicate so much about the speaker. It’s one of the definite clues of what’s going on inside of the speaker’s head. I find it very interesting how people often care more about how they look than how they sound.

Since I started thinking this way, I have become every frugal with my words. I don’t voluntarily broadcast my opinion without being asked anymore. I realized that what I say becomes a permanent piece of who I am in someone and it is important to think about what words are leaving my mouth as well as how much money is leaving my wallet and how much time is being spent.

An interesting fact I have found out as a speaker of multiple languages is that I feel like I become a different persona in each language I speak.

Some words are not translatable so it often causes some manipulation of the original meaning of what I initially intended to say, but even when there is an exact word that can replace the word, just the tone of the message just isn’t the same after a translation more often than I would like.

Language is such a beautiful way to express ourselves. It can move a soul and magnify the meanings. It has the biggest impact among all other ways of self-expression. Another reason to be careful with what we say.

By learning a language, we can learn so much about not only the person who speaks it, the culture where the language was developed and used, too.


Grateful for every opportunity that allows me to learn and grow more in beautifully various ways.

Thankful for how diverse we human beings are in so many ways. Two people from the same mother growing up in the same house with the same resources easily turn out not the same at all. Many different shapes, colours, beliefs and characters out there with their own stories each. I wish I could get to know all.

Thank God, each language will nicely group some of the people together, so less people I need to meet individually if I were to meet every single person in the world!

All the differences we have with each other makes our life so much more colourful, fun, rich, and interesting.

Life is nothing but wonderful.



Life is one giant exploration.

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