Day 71: Special Ordinary Day

Adding value is a win-win.

Going extra miles creates excitement and pride.

Being kind puts a smile on the face.

Being honest brings out the bond.

Taking things lightly eases the mind.

Listening always teaches something.

Showing gratitude warms the heart.

Focusing on the bright side simplifies things for the better.

Patience deepens the mind.

Understanding widens the horizon of the mind.


It would have been just another ordinary day, but because I have been counting my blessings every night, I get to look back on my day and find meanings in every moment. Every day is now a gift to me.


Thankful for everyone I talked, locked eyes, even simply passed by today. Everyone’s words, movements, facial expressions, energy, and existence had something I can be grateful for.

Because of that, the breeze on my face, raindrops on the street, green leaves on trees and birds in the sky are now gifts.

I randomly sent a thank you message to mum this evening. It made her day and it means everything to me.

Being in a grateful state brings nothing but wonderful joy back.




My first time in San Francisco in 2008.

It feels different every time I visit.

Probably because I am not the same, nor the city.

I love getting to know a city better and better as much as a person.

Some cities are just to be revisited.



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