Day 69: Allocating Resources with Caution

Choosing how to spend my time, whom to spend it with and when and how long to spend it has been truly empowering.

I used to go out even when I don’t feel like it only because it’s a weekend, due to the feeling of obligation/boredom or to avoid hurting feelings. But the regret I felt at the end of the day was never worth it.

We sometimes say yes out of respect despite how we really feel. But if we really want to respect, we should really say no so that we don’t waste their time (and ours, too.)

Like we spend our money with caution, time should also be spent carefully if not more.

After all, time is the most valuable commodity.


Happy that I feel comfortable with my decisions no matter what.

Grateful for my confidence and independence.


Wooden everything.

The less plastic, the healthier we are.




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