Day 68: Fine Wine

How can we stay sharp? Keep current with the young and the old.

Tonight I had a nice dinner with three lovely ladies. They are certainly older than me, but I don’t want to call them ‘the old’ because I felt like I was with three older sisters. I felt lucky to get to hear about their stories and be a part of their moment. I observed what they chose to talk about, how they carried their conversations, and how they responded to each other.

I really appreciate the old school way of mannerism. I like the way people used to communicate. Talking to them and listening to them this evening has been a treat to me.


Lucky to have a chance to learn, grow and better myself.



Love the koi fish windsock there. What a nice touch.

Along with the cherry blossom tree.

Really dig this small little moment like this.

Life is an art.



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