Day 67: Mosaic

In my first or second week in Vancouver, I went to a hair salon and met a girl who was a hairdresser there. That was when my mom and I were talking about how my brother should start looking and settle down or he should continue to focus on his career. While I was asking questions about the city and my neighbourhood, I spontaneously thought that maybe I could connect these two.

Since then we stayed in contact and one time I invited her to one of my hikes which was in Deep Cove. Since I became busy with my own stuff and Christmas and all that, we didn’t hang out much, but we maintained our connection somehow.

We met a few more times but just enough to count with both hands. Now she is leaving and I wish I made more efforts.

Meeting with her has made me thinking about a lot of things. We didn’t really share many in common and miscommunication between us took place quite frequently, but it was plain to see that she is a good person and she always meant well. I wanted to overcome our differences and believed that every single person has something that I can learn. I wanted to make the best of what we have instead of looking the other way because it is not a smooth sailing. Also I wanted to change her verdict about Canada based on her not so great experiences in her past. Canada has been nothing but wonderful for me. It hurt me to see someone else thinking that it is not that great place to be. I wanted to fix it and if I could, I wanted to be one of the reasons for her to think that her time in Canada was good and it was a good place to live.

She also often made me wonder how I would have sounded and perceived by other people when I was new to this country. Things could be easily said the way you never intended or the points you try to get across often get lost in transition when the language you speak is not your first language. I was able to understand what she meant to say even though she didn’t really say it that way, because I know her mother tongue. Due to the differences in culture, sometimes you can get misunderstood by a small gesture or reaction when you are a foreigner. The volume of your voice or even the way you move sometimes stands out among the crowd.

I personally have said many things in the past that I don’t believe in anymore. I know this as a fact, not only because I have changed a lot in the last 11 years, but also I admittedly have said things purposely the way it would provoke as a social experiment! I used to like to see the reactions or the looks some people make on their faces. I honestly do not want to think about it. LOL I mean I was one brave curious cat!

I remember one time I bluntly said this in a crowded C-train that I can’t stand any pink in my steak and I also hate sushi. Well, first of all, if you like your steak very well done, you don’t know how to enjoy steak. Also I added the sushi on purpose because I wanted to stress my dislike in raw meat and also wanted to add more kick to it because I am Asian. Given that it was also in Calgary, not loving steak was enough to get enough listeners I think.. Nah, but my point is that now I am not the biggest fan of those showy clowns in public!? (or should I say the street performers!? Sorry if I offended anyone! ) who talk loudly intentionally knowing that they are being listened or getting attention. This one episode alone is now I think enough to be one of those people. It was 9-10 years ago, but still! How changed of a person I am!

I remember one time when a group of people were talking about the school zone speed limit and I had said there is no school zone in Korea. When I was there, I was always in the back seat and didn’t pay attention to the road, of course. I was too young to notice those things. I just didn’t know anything about the road system or just driving in general. Instead of not contributing to the conversation or just say I don’t know it, back then I said there was no such thing in Korea. Probably the people who were there to listen might still think that there are no school zones in Korea unless they checked their reference!


We are social creatures. It is amazing how meaningful and worthwhile those small and big relationships can make our lives. I love how we can do so much together, have impacts on each other, and how we are one, how we are all interconnected.

Life is so great itself already, but by connecting with each other our lives just multiply in the meanings and the greatness.

Thankful for all human beings and living things with emotions. Life is so beautiful and infinitely wonderful. I love every experience I had with everyone I have met in my entire life, even the “bad” ones because they were in fact also good ones in disguise.

Life is so rich and meaningful because of ups and downs. It might not be hard to see the good in it when things appear or feel difficult at the moment, in the bigger picture, life is always good. Life is a gift.



Sent her off to the airport for 2 a.m. flight.

Started writing at about 11:50 p.m.

I gave up on my morning work out to stick around longer with her, but I don’t regret it.

I would have gone to the airport with her if tomorrow was the weekend.

Damn. Another reason to leave the race.



I have nothing but LOVE for the world.

I have nothing but GRATITUDE for my life.


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