Day 65: Keeping the Saw Sharp

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.
-Henry Ford
Water that had stopped moving becomes stale. It’s dead water.
We are not so different. We need to keep moving my mind and body.
If you stop using, you will lose it.
Astronauts often experience depression after returning to the earth. No more mission, the hype and attention die down and they feel empty. After such a great achievement! That’s why keeping ourselves motivated by finding the next goal to go after every time we achieve one is crucial.
Being idle to feel comfortable and to avoid problems is a sin. Who are the people with no problem? The people in graveyard.
We need to keep splashing cold water to our face. It cleans, keeps us awake, and leaves us feeling refreshed afterward.
It is our responsibility to become successful.
Love learning new things, going to new places, talking to new people, and trying new activities.
I am so in love with audiobooks. The only time I am not listening is when I’m sleeping. My way of thinking has changed and my life has changed as a result.
Recently found out about Tim Ferriss. When I Googled his name and the title of the book showed up, I facepalmed. No way! That’s one of the books that has been sitting in my wishlist on Amazon for years!!!
I watched a video about startup where Tim and another guy were starred in first recommended by a member from my Mastermind group. Then I searched him online to learn more about him, started listening to this book and ordered the book the other night.
Wish I had ordered the book instead of putting if off! I would have been out of the rat race long time ago already. Haha
Oh well. Still grateful that I found this now than later.
Nice to know there is a man who is hot AND smart, too!

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