Day 64: Reminder of Limitlessness

Everyone has goals and dreams. Thanks to Internet, all the information about anything is available for free. We just postpone to take actions because we are fearful.

What are we so afraid of? Losing, embarrassment, hurting and etc.

But they are all imaginary. None of them are happening in reality.

Often we know exactly what we need to do. We just tell ourselves that we can’t do it or must not.

If you can’t, you must.
And if you must, you can.
-Tony Robbins.

It really helps to have a reason that is strong enough to “blind” us to all the fears and worries. Strong enough to immunize us to the fears.

We stop when we think about the cost of going after the dreams. But what we really need to remember is the cost of not pursuing our dreams.

We should think in abundance, possibility, positivity, confidence, hope, and such. We should prep our mind as if we already have achieved all our dreams and ready to accept them as they come. We should be thankful for having all we want to obtain even when we haven’t possessed yet, and believe that they are on their way. – in order to have the law of attraction work in our favour.


Animals have the great gift of the ability to camouflage in their surroundings. We do not have the same ability, but we have the gift that is even greater than that. That is the ability to change the surroundings around us. We can change the surroundings with our minds and have it work for us to suit our needs.


Grateful for the great gift of the ability to become who we want by using our own mind and changing what’s given to us. It is limitless for the possibilities, the amount of growth, and our happiness.



The time limit on storage might have expired, but this moment will be remembered in my mind FOREVER.

My brother and I waiting for DOS (I think!)

It was a pre-Windows time.





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