Day 63: Growth Essential

“A group of brains coordinated or connected in a spirit of harmony will provide more thought-energy than a single brain, just as a group of electric batteries will provide more energy than a single battery.”

– Napoleon Hill

I feel blessed that I got to become a part of the group and explore the ideas together. It only has been the second meeting I have attended, but I already find how great it is to share the thoughts, let it bounce back and forth among us while the idea grows, exchange feedback and explore the possibilities together.

It is easy to get lost in our own thoughts. We are often so certain about our ideas without measuring or perceiving them in different ways. Mostly because we want to avoid changes, disagreements, and disapproval. In order to find a flaw, or to make an idea that could work better and serve more, getting different point of views is essential. Things and ideas appear differently from another angle.

Grateful for extra sets of eyes and brains that could tell me where I am, how I appear and how I can tackle things better.


And when you create, it doesn’t hurt to have more materials.

More sources from others could help you become more colourful.


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