Day 62: One Year Anniversary

Hard to believe that it’s been a year since I moved here. Within this short time, I grew so much, learned a lot and realized many many things. I have certainly become a different person.

So many things have happened to me externally and internally.

My friends in Calgary will certainly notice this first:
Now I wear minimal amount of makeup and have stopped dying my hair and using a straightener and a blow dryer. I feel comfortable with less makeup or even no makeup and don’t feel the need to be done up extensively. I focus more on how I feel than how I look now.

Thanks to my daily training, I have gained more muscles over time and my old jeans have become useless. The old me would have been startled and tried to lose weight, but now I honestly feel proud that my lower body grew so much (especially my quads and glutes) and happy with how much I can squat. I don’t care about my body weight anymore, instead I care about body fat percentage. As long as my muscle mass is satisfactory, I could careless about how heavy I weigh. My shoulders became noticeably more muscular, too. I am no longer thin and skinny. I look more “meaty” and I feel great. I just need to start cutting so that the muscle definition is more visible.

My mind state doesn’t get affected by other people anymore. Whatever they say or do, I can very easily brush off and remain calm and happy. I don’t care about other people’s opinion too much anymore, either. Unless it is going to put me forward, towards closer to my goals, I don’t waste my time and energy on unnecessary things.

I am more confident and aware about myself. As a result, I have more friends, and making new friends have never been easier. I focus on harmony more than anything. I understand the differences better and know how to work around it better as well. Who says getting old sucks? I am so happy and thrilled that I know what I know now.


Thankful for my time in this awesome city. Moving here has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself so far. Calgary was of course great and has made me who I am now, but Vancouver has been so full of new resources in abundance and it’s been nothing but wonderful. I now have a better understanding about why people try so hard to live in a bigger city and try to move to a even bigger city. There are more opportunities and more exposures to more and newer stuff. The rate of growth is double and triple if not more. So many has happened that I feel like I’ve been here for several years but it’s been only a year and I feel so great about that, because that means I experienced so much within a short period of time meaning saving time!

I can’t wait to learn more and grow bigger.

Feeling so much gratitude. Blessed. Happy. Lucky.





I love Vancouver more and more every day.

But my second hometown Calgary will be always on my mind.






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