Day 60: Courage Made Possible

I have been attending outdoor yoga every week. It feels beyond amazing to stretch my body after a long day in the office while looking at the ocean by the beach in one of the best cities to live in the world with a group of people who enjoy the same. It is a definite confirmation that life is just great. Life is indeed wonderful. I feel blessed and fortunate even more after a good session of yoga outside.

The instructor wasn’t feeling well today. Since it wasn’t informed until the last minute, many people showed up already and they were just looking at each others’ faces wondering if they should leave or not. I hated to waste a nice sunny day in a while like that especially when the summer is almost over.

I was just doing some stretches alone, then the organizer and one of the people asked me if I would be willing to lead the class. I was glad to be asked and wanted to take the opportunity. I just wished I knew more than 3 poses to demonstrate. I hesitated and several people were about to turn around and leave. I wanted everyone to not be discouraged and instead do some stretches on their own, but together. But they wanted someone to lead.

But then there was one girl who was willing to lead the class IF she had someone who can initiate and lead the class together. We looked at each other, unspoken agreement was made through eye contact and without a word, we both placed our mats in front of the people and stood facing them.

I raised my voice saying “Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for coming today. The instructor isn’t feeling very well today, so she couldn’t make it. But we are not going to let a nice day go to waste. We are going to do some poses and please feel free to follow.”

Then she took over and started giving us instructions. She led a good 45 minute session, totally improvised. Everyone thanked her for her courage and had a smile on their faces when they were leaving.

It has been such a great experience. I am so glad that we were able to use the good day for the reason we were gathered in the first place. It meant more than just that. It was possible because of the courage we had, the support we received, and the purpose we all had there to devote our evening to practice yoga and connect with like minded people.

Fortunate to have this great experience. I am more brave and confident now because of this evening. Grateful and happy.



Practicing yoga in front of the sunset at Sunset Beach.

Today’s session has been delivered by courage.

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