Day 59: Morphing into the Future Me

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.

In other words, you can only build a reputation on what you have done.


To extend this idea, I think that how to become the person whom you want to be is not only acting like one but also sounding like one too.

You can have the best idea in the world in your head, but if you don’t know how to get your point across verbally, it could be hard for others to understand your point of view and follow or support you.

Speaking well requires confidence, a good range of vocabulary, the right amount of enthusiasm and well enough knowledge to carry on.

Luckily, it is possible to become a better speaker by practicing and revising ourselves based on the listeners’ feedback.


Today I spoke in front of a small group of people whom I don’t know well enough. I was appointed by the Chair off guard. Since the topic was out of my element, my head instantly went blank. As I was speaking totally improvised, I heard my own voice shaking at one point. But at the same time I felt a small flame within me. I wanted my speech to represent who I am in the best way possible.


Feeling lucky that I happened to be near the Toastmasters and had a chance to join it, too.

All the great sources to improve myself are available everywhere and they have been gravitating towards me effortlessly.

Glad to receive those gifts from the universe.


I had seen the logo of Toastmasters somewhere somehow very long time ago, but it didn’t get my attention enough for me to find out what it was all about. I remember I took a glimpse at the name and the logo and just simply assumed that it was some sort of a multi-level marketing company scheme.. How far off I was!


IMG_1637 copy

I believe in the power of presentation.

No one will pay $12 for a few tablespoons of white rice and some cut up pieces of uncooked fish meat on a plate.

But when it is nicely presented (aka sushi), it can be sold easily more than $12.

The quality itself is important but so is how it is being presented because it adds values by showing the efforts to look that way.


Often times, perception is everything.

In order to prove what we are on the inside, we need to look like it and sound like it.


A bank teller who wants to become a branch manager and knows s/he will become one in the future is already dressing like one and think like one. It makes him/her start sounding like one and looking like one. Next thing you know, the teller is not just a teller anymore.

This is a story from the Success Principle by Jack Canfield, but it is also a story of myself. I was once a teller, but I always knew that I can do more and be better. Next thing I knew, someone in executive level of some other company spotted me and offered me a job that I was not qualified for on paper. My mind level was already there, so I was able to go there when the opportunity came.

According to one of the audiobooks that I’ve been listening to, you can be rich before possessing things. You become rich first in your mind, then the rest follows.


Morphing into the future-self:

Think like one, sound like one, look like one, then act like one and eventually become one.


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