Day 58: Blueprint

I have been thinking about building boxing stations in grocery stores. Like Costco, I think all other stores should stop offering plastic bags and instead provide the customers with boxes that they can carry their stuff in. Since Vancouver is such an eco-conscious city, I am confident that many store managers would be interested in implementing this idea.

I also want to gather a group of people and do the clean-ups regularly near the beach and parks. I would have to create a group on Meetup or Facebook, plan out how to dispose the collected garbage after the clean-up and source the materials for picking up such as bags, gloves, tongs and etc. It would be great to sometimes gather only children and share the impact of what we are doing and maybe make a game out of it as an activity.

I would also like to hear stories from the elderly, take notes and document it for them so that they have a little memoir for them, their family and friends. Maybe I could help them with making a photo album or a scrapbook, too. I could play the piano for them to recall the times in a church as a kid or their wedding, perhaps? Their feedback will totally help me play it better as well.

Canada has been nothing but wonderful for me. I would like to give back and contribute to this society. As a big supporter of local businesses, I would love to meet and interview local business owners and hear all about how they started and how they want to achieve social good through their businesses. If they are already benefitting the country and have a wonderful idea or system, I would be thrilled to highlight them and let the public know about it. I believe that recognition is crucial and necessary when someone is doing good if we want them do continue. In the process, I will be learning so much and help me be better as well.

These things I want to do can be done only on my days off. As I have a full-time job and several side project for myself, they exist only in my mind. They are all meaningful things more people should be doing while they are not every one’s cup of tea and I personally would love to do it for free anytime any day anywhere.

I will continue to grow my mind. I believe eventually they could happen if I dearly want them to happen.

Grateful for my mind capacity to dream, hope and create.




animals eating plastic 2.JPG

This must stop.



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