Day 57: Stay Current with Both Ends to Balance

How to stay sharp:

Talk regularly to someone less than 7 years old and another who is over 70 years old.


I love playing the piano and enjoy listening to the elderly. I really value their insights and stories coming from years and years of life experiences. Their wisdom is something that can never be purchased or borrowed. When I had a chance to play the organ in a nursing home during my practicum, many residents were entertained by my practice and I really liked it. It was so fulfilling to be able to serve them in some way after listening to them and getting to know them on a personal level. I should take time to volunteer by giving companionship and playing the piano or organ at senior homes. I get to talk to them and learn from while I also get to play the piano when they could enjoy my company and the music. It’s a win-win!

How smart and adult-like some kids are these days always surprises me. They have no fear or filter. If a friend says someone is ugly, chances are it could be either way. But if a child says someone is ugly, yep. They are usually right!
Children simply speak their minds. They have very sensitive intuition and they can feel and see with so much depth. They often ask really sharp questions that pierce right through the core. Their fresh perspective and creativity with no limitation have provided break-through moments and bell-ringing moments to many adults. I would love to chat with them as often as possible so that I can learn different point of views, and keep my mind more lively and flexible. The best quality that I find in many children is open-mindedness. It is probably the most needed quality in many adults.

Grateful for our ability to learn and better ourselves in so many ways with all the resources. Every single living being has something we can learn in them.



My friend’s son.

I can’t believe she made him!!! haha

Such a precious! Babies are such wonderful little people. ❤



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