Day 56: Taking Inventory of Myself

Knowing who I am has been truly empowering. It has made me able to remain who I am more comfortably regardless the surroundings.

Taking control of my inner peace

Now I know clearly about my likes, dislikes, strengths, boundaries, and limitations. I can respect others’ inner peace better, because I know where mine sits.

Taking control of my health

My family lives on the other side of the globe, but when I’m there, what I eat remains the same. No matter where I wake up, my morning ritual and pre-bed ritual will not change. I know how to take care of my body and I know how my healthy body is supposed to feel. My health is in my hand because I know very well about myself.

Taking control of my finance

Since I learned how to create financial statements from Accounting classes, I realized I should take my personal finance as if it was a company.

Not only for money, grocery should be also taken inventory and measured. Knowing how much I consume and how often buy it allows me to get a good grip on my money and health, too.

Bulk purchase is cheaper, but we tent to consume more and we have more. Then it’s not saving money anymore. It is easy to just grab a handful of almonds and eat it, but when I know how much I bought and how much is one serving, I know how many times it should feed me this time and how long it should last.

Taking control of my knowledge, goals, eventually my future

 What does it take to change the world?

A pen and paper.

Typing is great. But at the beginning, old school pen and paper beats MacBook when it comes to pouring out the brain.

Knowing what I know, what I don’t know, what I want to know, what I want to have, what I do have now and what I want to become… it all gives a clear direction about how to live.

Thankful for my ability to think for myself and take charge of my mind and my life.



Can’t believe it’s been a year already since I moved.

Yet can’t believe it’s been only a year considering how much has happened in my life.

Who said getting older sucks? I can’t wait to know, find, learn, do, see, feel, get, meet, have, go, make, and live more and more.



A quick thought:

Interesting how a day could be so jam packed eventful and so calm and relaxed depending on how I spend it.

Yesterday was such a full day whereas today has been very light and both were equally a make up of 24 hours.


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