Day 55: Lucky Strike Day Record Broken Today [Edited]

A series of lucky strikes happened to me today.

For me and the people around me too, of course :)))

#greatful #luckystrikes #thankyou #whentimingisjustrighton

3Xthumbs up emoji!!!

Why it feels good? Because adding values ALWAYS feels good.

In anyone’s life.

Thankful for a fulfilled day at its maximum.


[Additional note on Sep 11]

Up at 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, because success starts before 5 a.m. ;p
Well I wanted to arrive at the park as soon as the gate opens considering the fact that it was going to be a 10-hour hike.

Not so many people were around, but every single time when we needed a guidance, there has been ALWAYS someone who had shown up out of nowhere and given us the information we needed. Timing couldn’t have been more uncanny.

The couple at the bottom about the map when we were unsure about the direction,

The lady who was looking for her two friends when we took the wrong path,

The lady, an excited mom of two, who had shown us her map and shared her notes when we needed to confirm where we were,

The man, seemingly an avid hiker, who told us about what we needed to know and how his hike has been when it was time for us to turn around and start heading down,

The beautiful blue bird who kept us company when things felt dreadful and never-ending.

And at the beginning, my friend stopped me just in time to turn into the parking lot when I was not sure where to go find the right parking lot.

As we were hitting with a series of lucky strikes, my friend said I’m a lucky charm. She isn’t the first person calling me that.

Many would want to change a few events if they could go back in time and re-live their lives. If I was, I wouldn’t change anything. Not a single thing. I would make the same mistakes when I made it, how I made them. I don’t want to change anything. Life happens at its best timing. I think that I have been lucky all through my life, because I truly believe that.


On our way down, one of the people who was going up had asked me how the hike is as going up. I answered ‘It is awesome.’

Yes, it was very difficult and I have never been physically challenged in this much intensity and this long duration before. It indeed felt miserable having to rely on my already tired sour raw legs, walk nonstop on a rocky path and fondue my shoes in the mud.

But the moment he asked, I thought that no matter how difficult the hike it was to us, the trail itself is truly amazing. All the pain and difficulty was caused by our own insufficient strength. So even though each step hurt me, my verdict about the trail was awesome with a total honesty.


From this hike, I have experienced the power of focus. I learned that where my focus lands impacts the whole experience. Reality hugely depends on our focus.

I also have become a living proof of the law of attraction. The entire time I was being benefited by metaphysics and the universe. I was given everything I needed from the mother nature and fully supported by the universe. The experience had been amazing.

I had a “super human” experience. My body had been functioning solely powered by my mental strength. As I listened to Eckhart Tolle’s book, I have learned about the idea of being able to recognize our body and soul separate. I understood it but have not experienced it personally. I guess I sort of have when I was fasting. When I remind myself that ‘My body is not me. It’s where I live.’, the hunger is manageable to handle.



9.5k (one way) – we turned around at about 9.7k so 19.4k in total!!!

0810-1915 (11hrs)


BC, you are slowly winning me over 😉

AB, (Insert the Vegan version of Got Milk? here.)





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