Day 53: Work in Progress

Ever since I’ve discovered Tony Robbins, I have never stopped listening to seminars and audio books. They have such tremendous values and it has been personally life changing for me. So naturally I started looking into seminars in my neighbourhood to attend and there was one that got my attention.

I have been mostly going to a few ones about startups and business stuff and as I was wanting to find finance related seminars, when I spotted one a few blocks from my place and FREE, I was already half way sold. But with my several projects and all, it had to be worth my time. It’s already Thursday today and I am hiking all day this Saturday. I had to get a lot done in evening time after work this week to compensate my one day off this weekend. I wanted to make sure if attending this seminar was going to be a good trade off.

Since it’s generally true that we get what we pay for, my initial reaction was pretty skeptical. So I Googled, and the speaker seemed to be quite successful in speaking industry, appearing on medias and many books published. It also looked like s/he might even have a connection with Jack Canfield!!! Well in THAT case, it was a done deal. I decided to attend the seminar.

Couple of things stuck out in my mind as I recalled this evening right now:

  • Something had got into me. I headed to a wrong location first. I was so sure that it was the one on the East of my place, but almost three quarters of my way there, I felt like this way was not it. No, it was not it. I quickly mapped it on my phone and corrected my direction. I am just surprised by this, because it was so unlike me! As I redirected myself, I thought of just going home rather than being late, but I decided to stick to it.
  • The speaker and his/her team member shared a piece of unnecessary information about someone in a negative tone who clearly had a significant influence on him/her. The speaker’s business right now wouldn’t have been possible if his/her experience of working for that someone. I felt that pointing out the differences in their views and theories would have been sufficient.
  • After the seminar, a few people were left for registration and when it didn’t look too busy for the speaker, I approached and thanked him/her for his/her time to share what s/he knows. Surprisingly, the response I received was rather indifferent. My prompt thought was “S/he is in it for the money, not adding value!” I was quite shocked because I imagined the personal interaction with the speaker would be very warm and memorable. I can already picture that saying thank you to Tony Robbins or Jack Canfield would be the warmest, nicest moment to date!

I am going to cut it short here because I want to only focus on positive memories. I’ve already expressed my frustration enough, when I should have said nothing at all when there was nothing nice to say.

I did meet a nice girl who has shown genuine interest in what I do. Her energy is so pure and positive. It’s always great to meet another kind person.

This evening has been a series of lessons.

I have learned that:

I should always listen to my gut feelings. If something doesn’t sit well with me, I shouldn’t pursue it even though I don’t know exactly why at that time. It will make sense later.

I should also act and talk like the person I want to be other than waiting for someone to treat me that way for me first. I will believe in myself more and be more confident. Say No when my heart says No.

When someone doesn’t like you back or respect you in return, don’t try to make them so. That was exactly I was doing and this time it’s costing me money! I don’t need someone else’s approval. I know better than this. I am better than this. Now I have to call to cancel my purchase that I wasn’t fully sold for in the first place.

Work in progress. What a lesson today! Now I know better about what to do especially when I’m about to drop my hard earned money.


Thank you for the lessons learned:

When making decisions, I will make sure to feel 100% comfortable about it and able to stand behind my decision with 100% confidence. And also will make sure the beneficiary appreciates my decision to support what they do. There is never a second chance. No one re-lives the moment.

Also respond, not react.




More meditation needed.

I will cleanse my mind and become new again.


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