Day 51: Knowing Myself, Mastering Myself, and Mastering Beyond Myself

I have found my passion in health, wellness and fitness only several years ago and in the natural environment less than a year ago. Thanks to my mom, I grew up eating clean and nourishing food and also lived an above average level of active life. So I can comfortably say that wellness and fitness have been always a part of my life. I just didn’t realize that it would be something I want to become my identity until a few years ago.

So I have found my passion. Then what am I really good at? What are my skills?

Couple of weeks ago I had a striking realization about myself. It’s funny because I’ve always known this about me. Everyone around me has known this about me for a very long time as well. It just didn’t click the way it should have until now.

Have you seen a person who tidies up everything on the counter while waiting for a cashier or a teller to finish a transaction? Do you know anyone who is inseparable with a planner and whose nickname is a king/queen of the lists? Have you met someone who is so efficient, because s/he has a system of doing stuff for everything?

That is me. I love organizing and it is just my nature. I am always putting stuff away and sorting things for me and others. If you put me in a room full of random items and documents scattered everywhere, next time you revisit that room, you will find a nice stack of sorted document and items in order. I will be also smiling ear to ear because I would have had a blast doing so.

My friends and family seem to enjoy traveling with me a lot and I think it’s because I have a list for everything. I would have all the important information with me handy and they would be nicely formatted and written or printed for easy-reading. No matter how many connections are required in the trip, it is never a stress for me because I got it all handled. I am quite proud of my customized itinerary and note-taking system. It has made numerous trips so much enjoyable and saved a lot of time and hassle for myself and others too. I also like to do this because I am always ready whether there is the Internet connection or not.

I tend to complete a project quicker than others. With any tasks that I encounter, I intentionally engineer a “system” first that can get things done more rapidly and accurately. Once it’s figured out, I repeat it over and over. As I repeat, I become even faster with lesser errors. Then I end up “mastering” it. It is such a fun process for me. This always reminds me of practicing the piano.

As a kid, I played the piano for about 8 or 9 years. Learning to play a new song is pretty much the same as taking on a new project. Interesting how many things in life or life itself resembles a lot with these activities such as playing an musical instrument, bodybuilding, sailing, hiking or creating an art.

Self-discovery and self-knowledge have been very interesting and empowering. It has allowed me to respond instead of react. I have become so much more confident and able to be myself more comfortably in any situation. Tuning into myself regularly has provided me with mental strength. Meditating has been a mental sharpener for me.

Grateful to learn about myself deeper and rediscover my traits inside out. I would like to continue to sharpen my mentality by meditation, staying focused, taking care of my health and maintaining healthy relationships with people around me by sending out the right frequency.



The same view. Different meanings. Different feelings.

Thankful for a new day every day.

I am growing and changing every day. I can hardly contain myself thinking about being able to expand my mind and make an improvement daily.



Side Note: Grateful for connecting with a good friend this evening in a while again. Always great to open up, share inner thoughts and swap stories with someone who is as inspired as me. Danke schon 🙂

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