Day 50: We are One

As I get older, I understand more and more about human nature and relationships. Maybe it has nothing to do with my age but the books that I have been reading, but either way now I am more comfortable about myself, my emotions when I meet new people or making conversations.

I strongly believe that we are one. We are all inter-connected. Feelings are always mutual. Even when we are positive that the other person wouldn’t have noticed it or felt it, we shouldn’t cross the fingers thinking that what we know or feel would only belong to us, because the energy just can’t be hidden. We might be able to pass the moment or fake the facial expression at that time, but we can never disguise the chemistry.

I was reading someone’s post online earlier and the emotions transferred through her writing was so strong that I was able to feel the feelings she must have been feeling at the time of writing.

Honesty is everything. It can strengthen, solve, reveal, give, build and more.

I think that because she was so honest, I was able to feel every ounce of her pain she was experiencing through her writing. I don’t personally know her, she lives in a different country, but it didn’t matter. I ended up leaving a comment for her hoping that it would help her someway.

Thankful for how the universe works.

It feels always good to be bare-naked honest about myself, who I am. Standing behind the truth, taking ownership is empowering. Vulnerability often adds more strength. I will continue to be proud of who I am and be honest with my feelings and thoughts. I will stay close to my soul as close as possible. Because privilege of a lifetime is being who I am.

Also grateful for how the world communicates these days. Internet has added another means to support each other and allowed the world to connect and impact faster and easier.



A big, strong, vegetarian, animal lover, driven, lifter, cowboy. Mmmm.


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