Day 47: A Clean Road After the Storm

My good friend is going through a hard time. I know it is only temporary and he is strong enough to overcome it and use it as a tool to become stronger. I am trying hard to get this message through him and encouraging him every way possible. I will continue to listen and give him positive energy as much as I can. I know he will soon see the light and get up on his own feet strong and tall.

Everyone has their struggles and all we can do is to reassure each other that we are not alone and we can overcome any hardships. As long as we maintain positive attitude and have a clear goal to head to, there is nothing we can’t get out of.

We are so free. We can do anything and go anywhere. There is no limit for growth and dreams. There are countless things to be thankful and happy about. I know he will see the same soon.

Thankful for that I can be of any help for him when he is in need.

Living in this country or anywhere else in this era, we are so privileged with all the things available to us. There are only reasons to be grateful and fortunate.



Looks like a picture of whip cream or cotton candy!

It is actually a picture of a storm cloud in Didsbury, Alberta. I think it was either in 2014 or 2013.

A group of friends and I were heading back to Calgary from fishing through Didsbury and a tornado touched down there. It was intensely rainy and windy. When everything all of sudden seemed to be cleared up and even sunny, I exclaimed in relief(!), but that was when everyone else in the truck became silent, because it meant we were going though the eye of the storm.

We didn’t have enough time to escape and it was too windy to keep driving otherwise. Even though we were in a very large and heavy Ram, it felt like the wind was going to flip the truck. We ducked down in the ditch-like spot near the farm and a small Toyota behind us followed and parked behind us. Both vehicles were sitting there for a good amount of time while getting beat up by the ruthless hail storm.

I had never been in such an extreme weather like that before in my entire life. It was concerning but also exciting at the same time. In the midst of all, I still felt safe. I think it was because my good friend was there, too. Knowing that someone has got my back and no matter what happens we are in this together absolutely strengthens the mind in any situation.

Now it is my turn to show that we are all work in progress and can help build each other by supporting, sharing, and caring.


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