Day 46: Mistakes Make Me Better

Mistakes are wonderful. They are like weights for bodybuilding.

They are essential for growth even though they don’t feel like it in the middle of it.


From time to time we make irrational decisions in a hurry or as an attempt to save time/money/effort/face. Even when doing so isn’t aligned with our integrity, we are sometimes willing to compromise thinking that it is the price required to be paid for the short cut.


Today I made a mistake. I have not only gone against who I am, even tried to involve others in my shortsightedness. Luckily I can revive the damage tomorrow by correcting it  with more openness. It requires sharing but I owe it to them. I am willing to give whatever it takes to make things right, up to my standard. I still can’t believe I was tempted to take the short cut and actually tried to take it by compromising my reputation! It was an honest impulsive decision, but I am not proud of it. My courage to take the stand and correct things will create bond and more trust than before, but I know that I will not jeopardize what I have built so far and I am glad that I have a chance to fix it. Having been going extra miles really saves me big time in a time like this!


Thankful for saving myself by realizing what’s right quickly. Even if I decide to just save my face and keep going, nothing will happen. But I want to be always true to myself and if anything isn’t right for my standard, I will fix it as soon as I can.



A 100-year old lady runs 100 metres in 1 minute and 21 seconds!

What an inspiration!



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