Day 44: Budgeting Time

“How to move a mountain:

Step 1. Start carrying small stones.”


30 minutes of commute, 30 minutes of coffee break and, 60 minutes of lunch break every day…

It seems so insignificant, but those two hours a day add up very quickly and become a big chunk of life:

2 hrs a day x approximately 20 working days a month x 12 month a year = 480 hours a year!!!

That is equivalent to a college education, 64 working days of full-time job or 60 nights worth of sleep.

Money comes and goes but time is fixed.

Managing time leads you to become wealthy more certainly than budgeting money.

It’s all about self-discipline and attitude.


Grateful that I have been capable of using those times to head towards my goals.

I will keep going and make even more use of it.

Especially after work!!!






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