Day 43: Ideas are Everywhere

  • Let say there were two children watched the same TV show as they grew up. Would they both have experienced the same effect from it? One might have been inspired by acting and wanted to become an actor while the other was intrigued by the plot and started writing stories.
  • Two people walk down the same street side by side. At the end of the street, two people could easily have different ideas on their minds. One might have noticed how many stores s/he wanted to check out whereas the other was busy to think which store should be opened on that street.

We subconsciously screen and selectively perceive when we look at things. It is usually depending on our interests/motives.

Ideas are everywhere. We just need to know what our goals and purposes are and decide where we want to be. Our mind and the law of attraction will screen things out for us. We don’t have to search for it. In fact, trying to look for it works in the opposite way. What we need and what could be beneficial for us will come to us naturally. When we are not looking, we can finally spot the right ones because it will stick out tall for us to notice. Searching for something in a desperate state of mind is dangerous because we might compromise in a hope to find something sooner or out of convenience.


Thankful for knowing what I want and what I want to achieve. Life with purpose has no fear or doubt. Just perseverance.



Stay strong for what you want. You will be shaky and sweaty. It will be difficult and even feels like hurting. But consistency will reward you handsomely. Just know that you are on the right path and keep going.



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