Day 42: Fifty Shades of Meditation

The word ‘Meditation’ often prompts an image of sitting like Buddha in a quiet room with deemed light on a yoga mat. This must be the most ideal or preferred way, but it is possible to meditate anytime anywhere.

Meditating is basically getting in tune with your inner self/your soul; paying full attention only to your thoughts; connecting with your intuition. As long as it is safe/polite to do so, you can meditate anytime anywhere:


  • Doing the dishes is meditating to me. Folding laundry or cleaning the tub… any manual labour that can be done without complex thought process (anything we can simply just go through the motion in a mechanical manner) allows us to think about something else at the same time.

House chore is one of my favourite forms of meditating because I get to get things done while I sort out my thoughts, too. Being productive and efficient gives a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.

  • Eating alone could be beneficial. You look at what you are going to put in your body, chew it and feel the texture and taste. It will leave you thankful for every bite and your body digesting it for you to absorb the nutrition. It is easy to watch TV or read magazines while eating but eating should be a ceremony and celebration each time.
  • Shower or bath is another good way to listen to the inner voice. You are alone, relaxed and getting clean. Quite a perfect time to feel and think all about yourself.
  • I love running as a meditation, too. Feeling the breeze on my skin and listening to my heart beating automatically get me in sync with my emotions, thoughts, goals and life. It feels always great after a good sweat session. No one regrets the work out after it’s done.


There are many ways to connect with ourselves without making time and space to do so. We just need to be creative and really want it. It won’t be difficult to find it or make it as long as there is a will.


It is often found that some people plug their ears with pop music that they didn’t even choose to listen, commercials or other meaningless distractions that don’t serve their purposes. These only fog the mind. Some people very well know to clean their home and body, but they don’t clean their mind.

Everyone creates countless of thoughts bits and pieces all the time, but not everyone take time to organize their thoughts and write it out as needed. If a printer keeps printing and no one puts away, a creation of a big mess mountain of paper is inevitable.

Meditation is same as organizing and cleaning our mind.

Thankful every night for a chance to tidy up my mind.


There is a huge power in repetition. I used to listen to songs that are popular at that time and what not. Some lyrics had negative messages or made no sense at all. We should be in control of what is coming into our body. We should screen what we hear too as much as the food we eat.



Homemade Hummus 🙂

Chick peas + Garlic powder + Lemon juice + Cayenne pepper powder + Nutritional yeast + Carrots + Tahini (Sesame seed paste) + Himalayan pink salt




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