Day 41: Enjoying My Own Company

Grateful for having options, hopes, dreams, family who trusts me and believes in me, people who care for me and understand me, reasons to do more and be better, time to do whatever I want, resources around me and true happiness I feel within me every night.


Did I buy mushrooms?


I bought some banana chips and used a paper bag that was meant for mushrooms, because I wasn’t going to use a plastic bag.

The store only provided plastic bags for their bulk section. I usually bring my own mesh bags for loose items like that, but this time the trip was unplanned. So I wasn’t ready.

It would be nice if more stores offer paper bags as an option, but it doesn’t always happen.

But no need to worry, because there are always ways if there is a strong will. Just be creative and improvise 🙂

Almost always grocery stores provide paper bags for their mushrooms. That is a to-go place when you forget your own bag to buy bulk items for check out if you are also nature-conscious and hate to use plastic.


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