Day 40: Family is Everything

When my family is the happiest is also when I am the happiest regardless what situation I’m in.

My mom and stepdad are in such a great place being happy and my brother is the happiest I’ve ever seen since he won the girl of his “dream” and got in a relationship with her. They are my reason to do well and the strongest motivation to excel. I don’t know what fear is when it comes to my family.

Grateful for my family’s well-being and happiness that they well-deserve. They deserve even more and I will be the one who provide the rest. Love them dearly.



My good friend has lost his cat from a car accident recently. He was obviously devastated and it was so sad to see him that way because he is usually high spirited and well content.

I remember when my other good friend’s dad lost his dog, Seamus. His great sorrow was unbearable to watch as a family and a friend. When he had us over for dinner, he sometimes called his son Seamus by accident. His dog was his son to him.

When I had to send my bunny away in high school, it felt like losing a sister. Her absence was so big to fill. I felt her energy from where she used to sleep for a good month after she left.

Losing a family member must be the hardest thing in life. I am grateful for having my family healthy and well. I cherish every minute I connect with them.



“Best friends live forever in the memories we keep.”

“No longer by your side, forever in your heart.”



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