Day 39: Reading Feeds the Mind

Thankful for all the resources available for our mind to learn and grow. I absolutely love all the books, audiobooks and seminars that have allowed my mind to absorb and expand.
There are millions and billions of people out there. But we don’t get to meet everyone. There are also many opportunities. But not everyone manage to get up and cease the dream. What does it all mean? We need to get the most of every chance we come across. There is no next time. No point of living in the past or the future. Tomorrow is now. Future is determined by what we do now. Now is everything.
Many people are under the stress and struggling. People dream about financial freedom and more time for family, friends, travel and hobbies. How do we become truly happy?
Money is such a tricky thing. It can build as well as destroy. It gives as much as it takes. Money is often a huge motivator, but when money becomes a goal, there is no happy ending. Money is supposed to be a result, then everybody in the picture wins in the end.
Our limiting belief and fear make it hard to attract money. They are totally different types of vibrations will not attract each other. It has been said that those emotions are the hardest one to overcome even for very successful people who have mastered themselves. Good thing that emotions can be controlled by our deliberate thoughts and actions.
How could we make money work for us other than we work for money?
“The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.”
– Mark Twain
“When you love what you do, you don’t have to work a single day. “
It seems like finding the true passion and following it with full force is the way to do it. Easy to be said than done, because of the limiting belief and fear of poverty. Not everyone can, will or should quit their dead end job tomorrow and work on their dreams out of nowhere. But we certainly should begin to use the thinking muscles and the decision-making muscles. No wonder almost all successful people are very in tune with their inner self by meditating, writing on paper and making time for themselves to be alone.
How do we think only in opulence? We must truly believe that we deserve it and already have it despite no possession of it at the moment because it’s on its way. Strong and repetitive affirmation and visualization will create a sense of confidence and belief that it is indeed true.
When a clean consciousness/soul resides in a healthy body, the body allows the mind to be clear and optimizes the brain to make better decisions and to be more efficient, productive and creative. Maintaining positive attitude to generate high frequency and taking control of every incoming through our sensory receptors such as eyes, ears, mouths and skin is crucial for success in health and wealth, hence life.
In order to master life, we should master ourselves first.
Everything we need has been given to us. In abundance.
There is also beauty in everything. Even a sense of humour!

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