Day 38: Simple Things

Happy to wake up in a healthy body;

Happy to count my blessing first thing in the morning;

Happy to head to the gym and train my body or also happy to choose to sleep in from time to time and still feeling happy about it;

Happy to fuel my body with nutritious food and enjoy the taste;

Happy to shower in a clean washroom with clean water in any temperature I want;

Happy to dry myself off with a clean towel and dress myself in clean clothing;

Happy to use my homemade make up to enhance what I have;

Happy to have an organization who loves to associate with me and have me come in every day to get me involved in what they are doing;

Happy to have a chance to participate in what this great government is doing for its citizens, cities and eventually for this fantastic country;

Happy to get to work with nice people for the great organization in a great energy with sufficient support;

Happy to utilize this nice city’s transportation, library, park, road and so on;

Happy to get to contribute to this great country with my taxes;

Happy to learn about what the government is doing, what they have done, and what they are going to do in the future;

Happy to have a place to call home, rest my body and store my belongings;

Happy to live in such a nice neighborhood where everything is nearby;

Happy to be situated near the ocean and the mountains;

Happy to rollerblade anytime I want and perform yoga outdoor looking down the beach;

Happy to know nice people and get to share stories, interest, and simply good moments;

Happy to be thankful for my day and to have a warm and clean bed to turn in with the grateful heart; and

Happy to get to recharge overnight and have another day given to me so that I can use it for reaching my goals.

Grateful for my day that consists of only happiness and gratitude.

Thankful for the ability to use my own mind to achieve anything I want.



Grateful for different seasons and temperatures which allow us to have fun with nature in various ways. Thankful for human creativity to enjoy what’s given to us.



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