Day 37: Thoughts Become Things

The rules. A bicycle. Pizza.

What are they in common?

They all used to be just an idea. Someone’s thought or even a daydream. But they eventually became real.


Whatever we set our mind on, it WILL become reality – either it’s positive or negative. That’s why it’s very important to know exactly what we want, take charge of what is in our mind and what we think about. Because it WILL grow from there.


An example of when I benefited from ‘ideas becoming reality’:

The trip to Kelowna was just a quick idea passing by in a quiet afternoon couple of months ago. I briefly thought of how nice it would be, gave it a short moment to think WHAT IF I go, where I would stay and what I would do there. The daydream vanished soon, but it came back to me some time later. When I picked it up again, it started right from where I left off. I didn’t have a reason to go there, but I ended up finding a reason. Every piece grew bit by bit and next thing I know I was on my way to the town. It turned out to be even better than I imagined. I’m glad my daydream became reality.


My experience of being a slave of a mental picture:

I used to be totally hooked on protein bars. It was such a money waster yet a “healthy” tasty treat that made me feel good about snacking. It was delicious like a candy bar (of course given the amount of sweetener), but it was sweetened with “organic” brown rice syrup or some sort sounding very innocent. It gave me a sense of a free pass to eat those “healthy” candy bars. Its fairly high number of protein content also freed me from the guilt. After all, I was getting my protein intake from it. I told myself that it was just another way to get protein that is required in my body.

It wasn’t cheap and was adding up pretty quickly. So I started buying them in bulk. The problem of it is that when we have more, we eat more – unless you are a master of portion control and self-discipline. I was no longer having it occasionally. It became a daily habitual snack and sometimes I chose to have couple as a meal. I was eating it more than before, so bulk purchasing was not saving me money anymore. I was feeling so awful about how weak my willpower was. All I think about was how to get off of this terrible habit. Like “where your focus goes, your energy flows”, even though I didn’t want to eat it any more, since the constant image in my head was the protein bar, I ended up wanting it and having it and fell back to the vicious cycle.

I was finally able to stop when I shift my concentration. I started focusing on how to eat better other than how to stop eating protein bars. When it wasn’t in my thoughts anymore, the fight became unnecessary.

The moment I dropped the rope, instead of staying in tug of war, I was free.

Jonathan Bricker explains it very well. I really enjoyed his TedTalk. (I even wrote to him and since then we are connected on LinkedIn!)

The Secret to Self Control

Thoughts are made up of energy. It has a potential power to control and become reality. It will be powerful as much as we allow it. Whether we want it or want to avoid it, if the intensity of our thought is strong, it will feed it to be equally strong.

How we think shapes our reality. We need to keep training our brain muscles to think in the way that will serve us.

Grateful for the ability to control my mind, my destiny. I will make sure to take advantage of it, not to be used by it.


Life is an empty canvas. We can draw whatever we want in it.

Art is a perfect example of thoughts and energy becoming tangible.



My personal library! It’s small now but hopefully I will accumulate more and more as my thought capacity grows with it too!


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