Day 35: Reset Button

I am amending things with my dad. There have been a few occasions that are not so great and our relationship has been far from ideal. I wanted to fix it and he had reciprocated.

I am glad that I still have a chance to change things with him. It has been the opposite of easy, but we needed to start from somewhere and I am just grateful that this has begun now and here.

Last night we had another phone chat. There are obviously still many questions not yet asked and we both are quite overwhelmed to navigate where to start. It often results in frustrations other than talking over to work together and finding a way (like how my mom and I would have) because of the unfamiliarity. Yesterday at some point I even felt like why I even bothered to start.

Nevertheless, I am not going to let it get the best of me. I am stronger than this.

I am working on focusing on the positive outcome this will bring me and him. I am going to work harder to look at the bigger picture and stay grateful that this is even happening.

3 sets of lunges with a 20 pound barbell used to make me sweat bullets. Now 4 sets with 30lb is my warm up. So I know this will make me stronger. I am going to grow from this and will be proud that I started now than later. I will not back down because it’s not easy. I will power up because it’s not easy. Tony Robbins said that when you can’t do it, you must do it.

I am pouring out my heart here tonight. I will be renewed and able to start fresh tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to meditate again and find my place.

I am grateful that all these tools are available to me to recondition myself.

Thank you for yet another chance to give it a shot at it. I will be even stronger than ever. I am glad that I have kicked back sooner. I can do this and this will make me proud. Thank you.




Positivity is like the sun. Without the sun, there is no life. Positivity makes things happen.

Hope waters the plant of life. Hope allows the life to grow.

Growth (progress) creates joy and happiness.


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