Day 34: Daily Meeting with the Most Important Person in the World

Reality doesn’t determine happiness.

It solely depends on a person’s attitude and perspective.


Reality is perceived differently to everyone even with the exact same situation.

Perception decides what it means to each every person.


Interpretation is crucial. No matter what happened, it is what is going to stay in the mind for good.

What they said or what they did will become vague. But how they made you feel will be remembered forever.


My mind is always going miles and at times I wish I can do more and better. Successful people are motivating and inspiring and also manifest that there are endless possibilities. It is important to focus on myself, goals and purpose, because it is easy to become distracted and compare myself to them when I should only compare me to myself in the past.

I try to remind myself that me last year would have loooved to be me right now in every aspect.

I should be happier, live in the moment and appreciate what I have NOW.


“Living in the past makes you depressed,

living in the future makes you anxious.

To be happy, you should live in the present.”


Living in the present is a present to myself.


I am going to continue to count my blessings, show my gratitude and accept my visions.


Grateful for my healthy body and mind, life, people around me, things I have, events I’m involved in, right this moment, everything right now that is going to be a little piece of my bright future, lessons I’ve learned in the past, this city, this country, my home country, my hometown, my second hometown, the whole world, the universe and us as one.

I have absolutely no worries but only the gratitude.


I’ve started participating in outdoor yoga every Thursday and also started meditating first thing in the morning and before going to bed. I’ve begun to notice a big difference internally around the second week of it all and now I can’t wait to meditate at night and in the morning.

Spending time with myself does me good! 🙂



Thinking of meditating later at night got me like…

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