Day 33: Prospiracy

Some kind of Prospiracy going on here all day today.

Everyone who came in contact with me, every conversation I had, every situation I ended up in, every event that happened, every opportunity I cam across, every timing I got… It couldn’t have been more perfect even if it was carefully planned out.


When you trust yourself, your intuition, and the universe, things just line up perfectly for you as if you are being rewarded for the right decision.

Treat yourself with respect and be kind to yourself.

Trust the universe for its timing and arrangement of everything. It’s engineered to benefit you in the best scenario possible.

Just let it come to you, receive and be grateful.

I’ve been showered with gifts today.

In return, I will give the love back to the world.

Thankful and happy.



Why would you ban this cool dog???

Mmm I want a dog!!! I was obsessed with golden retrievers before and now I’m so into poodle crossbreds lately… they totally melt my heart!!!! ❤


A random thought:

Wonder where the location for Diner en Blanc was today.


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