Day 32: Best Things in Life are Free

I am in need of total honesty and insightful advice for my first big decision on something. I am lucky that I have a handful of good friends who can share their knowledge with me.

Today I had two good phone discussions with my reliable sources. Both are professionals in the relevant industry and I was very grateful that they were only one phone call away.

Even though it has been a while since we talked, they were genuinely happy to hear from me and gladly answered all my questions with such great energy. They greeted me like we have never stop talking to each other.

I have got not only the answers to my questions, but also received heartfelt support and interest.

Those answers beat Google search results ANY DAY.

Thank you for my trustworthy friends who welcome me with open arms anytime.

So nice to hear your voices and so grateful for your priceless advice with total honesty.

Thank you for your genuine care and concerns.



Two months ago with another good friend.

Friends make life richer, more colourful, meaningful, interesting and enjoyable.



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