Day 31: Relaxation Creates Creativity

I have been trying to use my evening time devoted to my own projects. I have worked 9-5 and studied 6-9 while hitting the gym first thing in the morning everyday for a year before. I’ve done it successfully and can do it again.

Well, sorta. I am still making some progress slowly but surely. It’s just too slow to make myself satisfied or proud. It’s not developing as fast as I want it to be. When I was solely focusing on my own work in the beginning of this year, the progress I made was phenomenal. I felt alive and never been happier. I never slept in, always got up early to work out and spent over 8 hours for work every day as I would have if I was working for someone else. I was literally glowing and feeling lively and full of confidence. It must have come from spending all my time and energy only on what I love to do that was for myself. I really miss those days and would love to create that productivity again even though I am holding a full-time job.

I know it is possible and I can do it. I just need to be more focused and disciplined. I need to stop stressing, start emptying my mind and believe in myself.

Instead of staying in this struggling mode, I decided to condition myself by giving myself the feelings that I got when I had the freedom. I took a day off and thought as if I am no longer employed. I was able to spend my time however I wanted. I did my drill the way I used to do in the earlier time of this year. My body and mind were more relaxed and I was able to get done so much stuff that I’ve been wanting to get even started.

It’s important to listen to our inner selves. Only we can hear our own intuition speaking to us and it is what will direct us to true happiness and real values. We can only save us.

We need to be kind to ourselves. If we keep ignoring our inner selves, our mind will become discouraged and not be able to function as well as it is optimized with love and care. It is easy to think about the dollar amount that could be out for the moment, but the cost of hurting my own gut feelings is priceless.

Also according to the law of attraction, we should only focus on the benefits of listening to our mind instead of concerns involving in losing money or not making money. If we are holding up a picture of poverty, poverty will come to us even though we wanted to avoid poverty. The mind doesn’t differentiate whether we like or dislike. It only responses to the frequency we are generating. Therefore we should focus on things we want which will result in generating the vibration of something we want in our lives and attract them into our lives.

I get it now that this must be why Jack Canfield recommends to get a “dream bucket” containing writings and pictures of things you want and also start writing “as-if journal” that is written as if you have already achieved your dreams and goals. Because these activities will not only motivate, but also generate the right vibrations that will work as a magnet for the dreams and goals.

I will not think in scarcity. I will think only in opulence, think in confidence and possibility.

“Keep looking forward unless you wish to head backward. Always look towards the direction you want to go.”

Grateful for the time off that has allowed me to put myself back on the right track, feeling better and myself again. Progress makes happiness. I will make sure to make a step towards my goals and dreams every single day even though it’s a small step. A step forward is always better than no step. I will remember that we only grow or perish, there is no between. I will always choose to grow.



I WILL find the brush that doesn’t shed bristles.

I will!!! Come to me!



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