Day 29: The Sea of Resources

This era we are living in is such an abundance of any information we need.

On the top of that, we have an ability to ask for whatever we need. I have been listening to the Aladdin Factor and I have learned so much. I have already benefited from it. I simply asked for what I needed and received the result I desired. It was a small thing but had a big impact financially. It seems easy as a theory but no one wants to ask. We want to save our faces, we fear the rejections, and just don’t know what to say or how to go about it.

Thanks to Internet allowing us to access all the information, I came across this amazing philosophy and many more. My zero waste living, workout information, nutrition knowledge and other things are all sourced from the internet. Coming to Canada all by myself was also possible because of the internet as I didn’t know a single body here. I am literally learning new things and expanding my mind every single day from the internet. I couldn’t be more grateful and happy.

Thank you for the sea of information and all the resources as well as our ability to go get whatever we need and the power to use our mind for our advantages.



Thank you Wright brothers for not giving up and pursuing your passion and belief.



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