Day 27: Healthy Eating as well as Healthy Meeting

I heard it from somewhere that traveling is not about where, it’s about with whom. In the case of traveling alone, it would be whoever comes in contact during the trip.

I used to focus more on the activity other than company: I have gone on a date knowing that I am not that into him and I have agreed to hang out or go to a party just because I was bored.


Time is priceless and no one can transfer, borrow, or repay. If I will not be mentally present 100% or not appreciate the person and their time that equally being spent on a meeting as much as mine, I should never agree to go in the first place. The least I can do for anyone including myself is respect.

Also, everyone has the same amount of time a day. Typically, 8 hours go to sleep, 8 hours go to work and 3-4 hours go to necessary activities such as commuting, shopping, cooking, cleaning, eating, running errands and so on. What’s left? We only have 4-5 hours a day we can spend however we want.

Life is not a make up of a few big events. It consists of many small moments. In other words, those 4-5 hours we spend daily are eventually going to be accumulated and become the end results.

It is so important how we spend those small hours. It is also important whom we spend that time with.

Like we try to spend money and eat consciously, we should also meet consciously. The people around us will come off of us whether we like it or not. People and the environment have such a huge impact more than we realize.

Consciously or subconsciously, the words we hear get embedded in the back of our heads and could easily have an impact on our mind, mood and even decision making.

If you screen what you eat, why not what we hear and see?

We should have control over every single inputs into our bodies.


Grateful for my ability to be in control of my mind, body and soul, hence my life.


Speaking of input into our body, I would also like to address the output towards the earth.


I have become very conscious about my output into the world ever since I went “plastic free”. It has led me to go so called “zero waste” lifestyle. I now intentionally reduce, reuse and recycle and also promote the idea to people around me.

Because of it, my garbage can takes forever to fill up. Especially at work, I don’t create trash literally for weeks.


I noticed one day that if I deposit something tiny like these small pieces of cut up labels, the garbage bag gets replace even though it’s pretty much empty. I was choked! I mean what a waste!!!

I had left a note not to replace unless it’s full, but my massage was not gone through.

So I usually hold onto my garbage and deposit it into the one in the lunch room or the washroom, but when things get busy, I sadly end up letting another giant piece of plastic into the world.

Maybe it’s their policy to empty it unless there is absolutely nothing in it. I mean I still feel like if the right judgement was used, it won’t get replaced. (This reminds me of a story of Tony Robbins when he went to a concert, he got shoved up by a security guard into the line because it was the “Rule” to stay in the line. Being able to see the bigger picture is so very important. Being a “to-do lister” and blindly following like a sheep could cause damage to others and themselves, too.)

Maybe I should meet them half way.

So as my compromised second attempt and an experiment, I didn’t pick up my garbage in my trash bin (on purpose! it still hurt a little) and had placed another note to find out what they are going to do.

If this works, I think I will change my note from every Friday to every other Friday.

Or should I make a different note such as ‘please replace only when you see my note.’ or ‘please do not replace unless there is no note.’?




2 thoughts on “Day 27: Healthy Eating as well as Healthy Meeting

  1. My office does the same thing with the per-desk trash bins. It’s pretty ridiculous. I ended up deciding not to use it, and when I do have trash take it over to the kitchen. There’s a little shelf by my desk so I hid the bin in there. This had an extra benefit of me not accidentally kicking the bin over every day and being annoyed at having to pick it back up. Sometimes, though, the bin would be pulled out of the shelf and in the same spot the next morning, so I got the idea to just leave the bin in another room which has worked brilliantly. Yes, sometimes I do end up with a piece of trash sitting on my desk for longer than is desirable, but that just works an incentive to create less trash in the first place.

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  2. That’s great, Deborah! I really wish more people would be willing to do the same thing! or every firm starts placing one trash bin within certain proximity.


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