Day 26: A Moment of Truth

We should always trust our gut feelings. Because it is always right.

We tend to ignore it hoping that it isn’t true – because of the inconvenience or fear.

That is our laziness speaking. If we want to avoid time/energy wasting, we should make the U-turn or stop as soon as we can. We must remember that it is always better to start over earlier to cut the losses.


It would have been so perfect. Because it all came down like it was planned. It couldn’t have started it better even if it was planned. Timing was so uncanny that it would have been a perfect example of the law of attraction. What a great story to tell! I wanted it to be my story badly, so I kept pursuing. Even though there were signs.

I endured it when my frequency disagreed. I just wanted it to work out, because I wanted to save time and efforts.

I was basically hurting my integrity and disrespecting myself by going against my intuition.

I am glad that the other end acted poorly and popped my bubble. The old me might have still kept giving chances after another, but thankfully I got a hold of who I am and how I should be.

Self-respect is essential to life.

Grateful for this tremendous lesson without costing me. Happy that there was no time wasted in this process. Time is so valuable. I should never discount it for anything.


My Troll Macbook


orders me to quit Safari in order to shut down while not giving me an option to quit Safari.




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