Day 25: Daily Renewal

“Living in the past causes depression,

Living the the future causes anxiety.

To be happy, live in the present.”

My brother and I talked for an hour today about many things including expressing gratitude and living in the moment.

He told me a story about ‘one cut one kill’ in swordsmanship from an old comic. Basically, we must live in the moment and just do our very best. If we think too much, it will cause us to slip up.

It makes sense how life-altering it would be to live every day as if today is the last day and give thanks every morning for what we have like daily renewal. This kind of mindset would definitely change how we think and act. This is something I really should start doing: meditation every morning aka daily conditioning first thing in the morning.

Thankful for a chance to live all over again every day. I will make sure to make the best of it.

My brother who is most thoughtful and wise, also giving and compassionate… is such a great listener. Talking to him is like finding the last piece of puzzle.




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