Day 24: Improving Everyday

It is surprising how much I have changed within past eleven months. Everyone changes over time but I personally changed rapidly and quite drastically inside out.


Now I think differently and feel differently.

I certainly react differently now than how I would have a year ago towards the same certain situations. I don’t let things or people bother me or change who I am so easily any more. I so much less concern about what other people might think or say either. I have realized that I should not give anything/anyone that much power over me. The times when I become enthusiastic or passionate is usually when it is about my interests and values. When I’m tempted to get upset or negative, I try to shift my focus on my goals and purposes and think if what I’m going to say or do would put me forward.

At times it feels fair to react back to the person the way they did, but I am nobody to teach or change. The key is to always maintain our equilibrium. We shall only voice our opinion when it is going to add more value and when it is invited. We must always respond instead of react.

I personally find it more challenging to stay calm when my family or close friends are involved because I care about them too much. So I double and triple remind myself that whatever I do, if I am not myself, my message isn’t going to go through.

It is easy to get sidetracked with drama and distractions. Self-discipline is usually what helps stay focused and save energy and time in the long run. It takes patience, time and persistence to possess strong self-discipline. I am of course still working on myself and always will be. I try to improve myself everyday in every way.

This way of thinking makes my life journey so fun and exciting. I am very excited about the end result how awesome it would be and no matter how far later, I know it would be amazing because it is going to be the best result I could ever ask for as I have been improving myself every single day.

Grateful for the infinite potential within us. Our life could be as great as we wish to be.



My wardrobe has been mostly of black and white, occasional grey and dark blue.

The “new” me now welcomes some colours into the life. For the first time, I am wearing yellow.


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