Day 22: Fully Loaded

  1. Napoleon Hill was waiting for an urgent mail to come. He knew it had arrived and he was determined to get it. The post master who was also his good friend told him that unfortunately he won’t be able to receive it today unless he chases the postman down. He obtained the postman’s route from the post master and started following the post boxes. He has gone down the same street many times before, but never noticed there were that many post boxes.
  2. When we buy a new car or clothes, we suddenly start noticing it everywhere.
  3. Despite a number of children in the playground, if your child yells, you can easily hear it.

Our brain works magically. It has an ability to block out what we don’t want and only pick out what we are looking for.

If our mind is opened to it, we can find great opportunities everywhere.

We are literally surrounded by resources. We just need to open our eyes and mind, and accept the fact that we can do anything we put our mind to it.

Grateful for abundance of everything we need, our ability to utilize them the way we want.

Grateful that we can choose to be happy and successful.



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