Day 21: Faces

We see many different faces every day.

Smiling, frowning, relaxed, tensed and so on.

What face do I put on when I walk down the street?

Do I appear to be the person I really am? Or do I get caught up in the emotion at the moment and showcase it for the world to see?

Facial expression is a form of communication. It says so much about what’s going on in a person’s mind often better than the words. It definitely takes some serious self-discipline to avoid “leaking” out the inner thoughts and emotions onto the face.

The inputs to our body such as what we see, hear, and eat decide our health. The outputs towards the world then also certainly have an impact. It all starts from what we think and feel and because we are all interconnected, we are responsible for everything around us.

It is important to take charge of our thoughts and emotions. Another reason to have a clear goal and purpose: it is not only crucial to succeed in every aspect of life, it makes it easier to manage our mind when we have them.

Thankful for having many reasons to be happy, grateful and content.

Thankful for the people who share their experience and knowledge so that others can do the same and improve.

Thankful for all the resources and reasons to be better and do more.



Thank God I wasn’t around in 1937!



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