Day 20: Interpretation

We are all authors. Because we are writing a book of our own lives. No matter how others think, at the end of the day we are the one who gives it a meaning and records it in our own language. The stories stay in our book and we take them with us until the end.


Some people write about themselves. Others write about people in their lives. Am I always a protagonist in my book or do I ever fall as an observer by getting absorbed into someone else’s life? Do I make sure I am writing an interesting book that makes the readers feel good? Is my book a guide to places or a long explanation of what happened?

Even if two people were in the same situation, when they tell the story, one could be very different from the other. It is important to interpret the event the way it serves me while remaining truthful and maintaining integrity, not the other way around.

We have the power of deciding the story line, characters and even the plots. I am going to make sure that I utilize everything I am given and I can to write my book as the best version possible and that my book is extra-ordinary, profound and beautiful with a moral that touches every reader’s soul.

Grateful for being given everything I need to make my book the way I want it.

I will not waste this privilege but take advantage every bit of it.


Hi Ms. Lady Bug,

I haven’t seen you for ages. It’s nice to see you again in a long while.

Thanks for stopping by!



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